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We all need to drink a certain amount of water to keep our bodies alive and fully functioning. However, there are several misconceptions floating around about how water should be consumed. We’re here to put those myths to rest once and for all.

You don’t need eight glasses of water a day

The amount of water your body needs is entirely dependant on the lifestyle you lead. The average woman should be drinking about eight glasses of water, whereas the average man should be drinking around twelve glasses of water. If you’re committed to exercising moderately to intensely, then you’ll need more water than what’s suggested.

Thirst doesn’t only stem from dehydration

Thirst is definitely an indication that something in your body needs to be quenched, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your body is dehydrated. The actual effects of dehydration begin when certain substances in your blood rise to around 5%. The effects of being thirsty, however, begin at around 2%.

Serious athletes can benefit from water

It’s commonly thought that athletes can only function at their best when drinking sports drinks as opposed to water. That’s just not the case, as water is all the body needs in order to properly function during any level of activity. As a one to two percent drop in hydration can negatively affect an athlete’s performance, water is the best fuel source to maintain the fluids needed during physical activities. To keep your body temperature regulated and protected, you should drink water before, during and after physical exertion.

You can definitely drink too much water

Too much of anything can have negative effects to some degree. Drinking too much water is no exception. There’s a point in time where your body will go through a desalination period, in which it works to remove salt from your system. If there’s too much fresh water in the mix, it can affect kidney function.

You can drink during a meal

While it’s in your best interest not to drink too much during a meal, you can still drink water and eat at the same time. It’s actually better if you drink water during a meal, as it will keep you from overeating. Consuming water help to make the stomach feel more full. If you’re concerned about eating too much, then drinking water with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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