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Before we dive into the benefits of doing a water detox and exactly what it entails, it’s important to know where this practice began. The act of detoxing the body dates back thousands of years, through the Romans, Greeks and Native Americans. While methods varied between cultures, they all had the same goal of wanting to purge toxins from their body and be their healthiest selves.

Fast forward to today and you can’t visit a grocery store without seeing products relating to detoxing the body. Many of these products, however, are designed to dehydrate your body and aren’t the healthiest way to go about detoxing. That’s where simple H2O comes to the rescue.

The Water Detox

Consuming water is the most important element of leading a healthy lifestyle, which is why it’s always encouraged to drink a certain amount every day. A lack of water in your system will lead to dehydration and fatigue. Drinking water also boosts your metabolism, keep you full for longer, improves your immune system, gets your body energized and more.

If you want to purge toxins from your body through a water detox, then you need to develop a plan, as living on just water for days won’t be easy. When doing a water detox, you want to increase your fluid intake dramatically to properly flush your system. This means drinking cool, filtered water for a few days at the most. Going more than two or three days can lead to overeating once the detox is over, neutralizing the effects of the detox. You can also supplement your water intake with fruits and vegetable that have a high water content.

Getting bored of plain water? Then mix it up by adding fruits, herbs and spices to add flavour and keep you motivated. Popular items to add to water include cucumber, mint, lemon, orange, cayenne pepper, berries, rosemary and lime.

The Benefits

While the main purpose of doing a water detox is to eliminate toxins from your system, there are other benefits to only drinking water for a few days. These benefits are backed by science, as there are many more benefits that aren’t necessarily accurate.

Completing a water detox has been proven to help participants lose weight by boosting their metabolism, improve digestion through the removal of toxins, improve energy levels and mood, and increase your immune function. However, these benefits can be achieved by simply drinking water on a daily basis. Results from detoxing your body will continue after the fact, as long as you keep consuming H2O.

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