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The human body is composed of about 50-65% water. In order to stay healthy, it is crucial for maintaining that ratio. Most of our body functions are controlled by the amount of water we consume. While it is easy to keep water at optimum levels during summers, winters can be slightly tricky as you may not consume as much water. Dehydration can occur really quickly, creating long term physical and mental issues.

While it is crucial to consume water for healthy skin, agility and proper waste elimination from your body, seldom does anyone discuss the fantastic effects that staying hydrated can have on your mind. Studies have indicated that staying hydrated in the workplace is as important for employees as it is for marathon runners. Just like a marathon runner, our brain is continuously working throughout a workday. Be it writing reports, emails, analyzing data or even answering phone calls; we are continually using our mind to form responses, find solutions and plan our tasks efficiently. All this takes up an immense amount of energy. Scientists have found that typically as much as 8% of our brain functions can be compromised due to lack of hydration. Potentially not drinking enough water can affect our ability to perform our job functions and hinder our daily life. Here are some more ill effects of dehydration:

Altered moods, headaches, and fatigue

It is a common misconception that thirst is the only indication of dehydration. Moodiness, headaches, and tiredness are the few most apparent symptoms of dehydration. Thirst is just a manifestation that your body needs water. Dehydration means that your body already has established a lack of water and is showing a health decline because it wasn’t replenished. You may also notice significant lightheadedness which makes it extremely difficult to focus on tasks. With significant water intake within 30 minutes from the onset of the symptoms, your body and mind are likely to rebound. Continue to stay hydrated consistently. Consuming large amounts of water can significantly reduce a headache and ensure a sharper mind.

Small in scope, but significant in effect

Did you know that mild dehydration can occur with a loss of as little as 1.5% of the body’s normal water volume? It is extremely important to maintain regular water intake. Drinking even small amounts of water throughout the day can help you prevent dehydration related issues. Anxiety, tension and difficulty in performing a group of associated tasks like critical thinking and problem solving can be cumbersome for someone who is suffering from lack of hydration.

One of the best ways to ensure you drink enough water is to have water filters installed at the workplace and home. That way whenever you are thirsty looking for that divine glass of clean water is never too far away. Nowadays, people use apps to count the amount of water they have drank. Thinking of making sure that your workplace and home has an adequate water supply?

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