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Always clean and disinfect your water cooler when changing out the bottles. You have no idea what kind of mould, mildew, dust or bugs could be lurking in there. When it comes to something you’re putting into your body, you have to make sure the delivery system is as clean as possible.

But before you start cleaning, make sure to unplug the water cooler and outfit yourself with the proper safety precautions. That means wearing safety glasses with side shields, disposable gloves and a waterproof apron or smock, anything that covers your body.

Now you can either make your own cleaning solution or buy one. If you choose to create this simple solution, all you need is five litres of warm, clean water and 15 mL of five percent unscented bleach. If you’re buying a chemical disinfectant, make sure it’s: food grade safe, used at the proper concentration, properly stored and completely flushed out with water suitable to drink.

How to Clean Your Cooler

  • After you’ve unplugged the water cooler, remove the empty water bottle and drain whatever remaining water may be left.
  • Carefully remove the no-spill guard and baffle as to not damage them. We’re going to need them later on. These parts can easily, and safely, be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • Fill the cooling reservoir with either the cleaning solution we made earlier or a store bought chemical cleaning product. Scrub the inside of the reservoir with a long-handled brush that’s clean and has soft bristles.
  • Drain just a bit of the cleaner through the spigots while letting the rest sit for two to five minutes (but no longer) to help prevent corrosion. Now drain the rest of the cleaning solution from the reservoir through those same spigots and into a bucket. Dispose of responsibly. As the bleach has been diluted, it’s safe to pour down the sink or in the toilet.
  • You can now fill the reservoir with either clean tap water or bottled water, it’s your choice. Rinse it thoroughly to remove any remaining cleaning products. Repeat this two to three times before draining the water through the spigots and into a bucket. Again, dispose of responsibly.
  • Finally, replace the baffle and no-spill guard from step two put the new water bottle on top and press the spigots until water starts flowing. Plug in your water cooler and you’re ready to go!

Cleaning hot and cold water coolers follow a different set of rules. For hot water coolers, just boil some water and enough into the reservoir to fill it up – do not use bleach. Drain some of it through the spigots and leave it for three minutes before scrubbing the reservoir with a long-handled brush. Drain and rinse the reservoir before using the cooler.

Keeping it Properly Maintained

  • Clean your water cooler regularly. Once a month, vacuum or wipe down the wire grid across the back of the cooler, as lint and dust tend to build up.
  • Don’t use lubricant on any of the components, as water coolers have an airtight seal and often come with an automatic-reset overload protection switch installed.
    If your cooler’s empty, unplug it.
    Any plastic components that need to be cleaned can be soaked in hot soapy water before being rinsed and cleaned again with your cleaning solution. Rinse and let them dry completely. Don’t use abrasive cleaners that can scratch the surfaces, allowing bacteria to form.

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